The Beetleworx are robots from the Duck Universe.


During the first years of existence of the Wasteland, Oswald and the Mad Doctor were still friends. Then, the latter built the Beetleworx, strange robots which were supposed to help the Wasteland citizens to rebuild the broken Disneyland attractions that were the bases for all the buildings of Wasteland. He also built a group of three beetleworx named Donald, Goofy and Daisy, which were lookalikes of the actual Donald Duck, Goofy P. Geef and Daisy Duck from the real world. Oswald himself had asked for them, so he could live adventures just like his eternal nemesis, Mickey Mouse.

But when the Mad Doctor turned back to his old evil ways, by associating with the Phantom Blot and later the Shadow Blot, he modified the Beetleworx and turned them against the Wasteland citizens in order to take over this world. He also transformed the pirates of the Wasteland, who were the only warriors in all Wasteland, into beetleworx, so he could controll them easily. During his trip in Wasteland, Mickey had to fight a few Beetleworx.

Behind the curtainsModifier

  • The Beetleworx first appeared in 2010 in Epic Mickey.

Origin of the nameModifier

"Beetleworx" can phonologically be pronounced like "Beatle works", as an allusion to the bug-shaped body of most of the Beetleworx and to their former work (to help the Wasteland citizen in doign task force works). 

Role in Epic MickeyModifier

In the first version of the Epic Mickey comic story, the role of the Beetleworx was very small, mainly because most of the Beetleworx had been created for the video game version of the story as "enemies" for the player to fight, but had no real comical or narrative interest. Only the Mad Doctor's mechanical knife is actually fought by Mickey, as the Pirates of the Wasteland sequence is resumed in one splash panel. The extended fanmade version of the story, extending the parts of the original game story that had been too fastly telled in the graphic novel, shows a few more beetleworx.