A word about the Universduck Wiki (to which we welcome you)

As you may know, most people consider the Disney universe, the Asterix universe, the Tintin universe, the Looney Tunes universe and the Laurel & Hardy universe as separate wordls. However, we decided to act as if these worlds were only one and the same: the Anthropomorphic Animals Universe, which is called that wat because animals who can talk and think can be seen in three of these universe (Tintin, Disney and Looney Tunes). You may ask: what make us merge these three universe together ? Well, simply the many crossovers between these worlds. Laurel and Hardy have  crossed Mickey's path many times, and some characters are even regular in both universe (Hazel, for instance). All this is evidence for a unification of the universes. Are we right ? We let you reader judge it. We hope you shall at least admire the encyclopedic quality of each page by itself. 

-The Univerduck Wiki staff.


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Fan fictions

Univers Duck also contains pages about fan fictions and fan comics discovered on various websites. When it's possible, we try to ask the authors' permission before we create those pages, but sadly it's not always possible. If you are author of a fan fiction, discover a page about it on Univer Duck and would prefer if it was not there, just contact us here where there and we'll delete the page.