Epic Mickey is a comic story written by Warren Spector, Chase Jones, Mark Stefanowicz, Lee Harker, Tom Papadatos, Charles Brahmawrong, Nathaniel Bleisdell, Tony Giovannini, Steve Powers, Jordan Lamarre-Wan, Shawn Melchor, and Peter David, penciled by Fabio Celoni and Paolo Mottura, and inked and colored by Stefano Attardi.


Mickey Mouse, long before he became famous, had accidentally ruined the magical world of Wasteland, which had been created by Yen Sid for forgotten things and people, by creating by mistake a gigantic monster, the Phantom Blot. And today, it finally comes back to him, as the Shadow of the Blot, a creation and minion of the original Phantom Blot, goes into the real world to capture Mickey and brings him in Wasteland, because to escape Wasteland (which he can't leave at present) he needs the immense power that Mickey unknowingly holds because of his popularity in the real world. But once shanghaied to the magical land, Mickey manages to escape and must now fight the Blot and his many allies, and gain the trust of Oswald, an actor whose carreer was broken in the 1930's by Mickey's success and who still resents the mouse…

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  • This story was first published in December of 2010 in the french comic book Mes Plus belles histoires n°2, although it had already been available for free as a digicomic for a few months.