Uncle Scrooge and the holographic restaurant (Zio Paperone e i ristoranti olografici in the original version) is a story written by Giuseppe Ramello and drawn by Carlo Limido.


Scrooge McDuck complains that his restaurants aren't profitable anymore because of the ingredients becoming more expensive than what he can expects from his clients. His scientists, though, have invented a seaweed-based pasta, which is cheap, healthy and to which it is possible to give any savor in the world. But despite those advantages, the seaweed pasta has the great drawback of being far from good-looking, and even nearly even disgusting at first sight. His grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck eventually give him the idea of projecing holographical pictures of normal dishes on the seaweed pasta, which is a very good idea that he immediately tries. Sadly, Scrooge's rival John D. Rockerduck is angry to see Scrooge thriving and plots a scheme to take his restaurants down.

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  • This story was first published in may of 1995 in Topolino n°2060.